The EIKI name literally means “projectors” in Japanese.  You won’t find it on printers, calculators, TV sets or refrigerators, and you won’t find it in retail outlets.  Eiki do only one thing: they manufacture and market a broad range of projection technology for education, religion, government and business communication, and offer it through a network of professionals.

And they’ve been doing that now for over 60 years!

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Meeting and Conference

Laser Projectors

Eik's laser range includes models with exceptional contrast ratio and the superior colour performance resulting from the use of both blue and red lasers.  Supporting versatile LAN control,  and sealed optical engine design that provides protection against dust without using a filter design. The result is projectors that deliver superior brightness and clarity in a cost-effective package that redefines value for professional large venue installations and rentals.

Compared to more traditional laser-based projection systems that incorporate a blue laser only, the addition of the red laser results in greater brightness, a higher red colour ratio without diminishing either blue or green performance, and increased Gamut Area Ratio performance.

Given that laser technology is less fragile than traditional lamp-based systems and offers nearly instant on/off performance, the capabilities of these projectors make for an exceptional choice for applications where superior image quality is essential.


LED projectors

Eiki's LED range includes the award winning meeting room projectors with ColorSpark HLD LED projection system lets those in the room see everything that's on the screen in sharp definition with vibrant, clear colours.

HLD LED technology, provides a light source life of 25,000 hours for trouble-free reliability. Because the HLD LED technology emits four times the light of current LED technology, the result is stunning visuals, with the screen appearing as much as three times brighter while retaining brilliant colour performance.

An additional benefit of the projector’s integrated HLD LED technology is its rapid power on and off capability.




Meeting and Conference room projectors

EIKI's comprehensive mid range projectors deliver the rich feature set that today’s business professionals will certainly appreciate.

With the exceptional picture quality offered by LCD technology and the highest brightness levels in Eiki’s portable projector line, presentations will really stand out.

With options of a shorter throw lens combined with a manual zoom/focus lens, corner keystone correction, and Quick Power Off functionality, they are also terrific choice for the rental staging market.





PORTABLE projectors

Eiki's portable LCD projectors include models designed to be installed where a large image is desired but throw distance is restricted due to limited space.

The range features many ease-of-installation features such as large vertical and horizontal lens shift, Corner Keystone Correction, and Curved Image Correction , usually reserved for more expensive projectors.

Suitable for installation in small meeting rooms the portable ranges are an excellent choices to replace previously installed, short throw projectors.