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Whether you share eye-opening presentations or display dynamic data, you need to inspire and captivate students and enhance their learning process every day. This calls for display solutions that help create learning environments that fit the needs of faculty, students, and researchers.

Christie education solutions bring learning to life on campus – from the smallest classroom to the largest lecture hall and everywhere in between. With our wide range of visual display solutions, we can help you find the right technology for your school’s needs – no matter the space.

No matter the space, Christie has you covered.

Classrooms and lecture halls

Educate and engage students with our extensive variety of low-maintenance, bright display solutions for all your classroom and lecture hall needs.

Auditoriums & athletic complexes

Big spaces require big performances. Use technology that produces big, bright images, visible even from the back row.

Collaboration spaces

Why compromise on solutions designed to encourage collaboration? Whether it’s faculty offices, study halls, or huddle spaces, including crisp and bright image displays is a great idea.

Research labs & training facilities

Use advanced technology for 3D, VR & Simulation training that equips your facility and student trainees with the tools for a career in innovative research.